This is something you don’t see every day: a floor made out of whisky barrels.



The Scotch whisky industry realized it needed an eco-friendly solution for disposing their old barrels, instead of merely consigning them to landfill.


Finding a fresh and sustainable way to divert 20,000 waste whisky barrels a year from landfill.


Richard McKay of McKay Flooring Ltd was quick to spot the potential to transform the beautiful prime oak used in whisky casks and turn it into a unique new recycled flooring product bristling with history and heritage.

Similarly, McKay Flooring Ltd acts as a sports flooring contractor, uplifting thousands of meters of old sports floors each year. Many of these still have plenty of life left in them and with a bit of love and care can be restored and fitted again.


As the shape of the barrels demands the wood planks to be bent and slightly wider in the middle part, the curved staves are machined down to matching sizes. Therefore both lid and stave pieces can be used. The history and journey of the barrel throughout its long life are still present and there for all to see as the branded markings of the various world famous bourbon, sherry and whisky manufacturers who have used these barrels over the course of their exotic life cycle are carefully retained.


In 2010 McKay Flooring Ltd have diverted over 25 tons of waste produced away from landfill. Also, on a social dimension, they cooperate with the Glasgow based charity GalGael to produce and retail handmade whisky barrel wine racks & benches.


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Whisky Barrel Flooring (Glasgow, UK)

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