(GWI) was the experiment of setting up a worldwide idea-sharing platform for waste initiatives with a high degree of innovation. We provided information exchange of original waste-handling initiatives and creative and innovative ideas within the circular economy.


Today, you can hardly read a newspaper or listen to a presentation without stumbling upon the topics of “climate change” and “sustainability”. While many national and global initiatives seem to be struggling to address these issues, many small but nifty efforts do the trick. It’s the stories about trash weaving in Peru or the funny garbage can in the Netherlands that prove that paying attention to the environment can also lead to clever (business) ideas. These initiatives vary from influencing our everyday interaction with the environment, to delivering new technologies to overhauling the entire system.

We are thrilled by individual efforts and the creativity of small businesses to improve our quality of living. To us, it is a pity those ideas hardly get the media attention they deserve. We believe that open and direct exchange of good ideas will boost inspirations – both across cultures and borders.

You might have guessed it from our name. Yes, we care about waste. But GWI is not just another platform for endless discussions about sustainability. We want to gather innovative approaches on how to deal with waste, no matter how little or big these ideas are, ideas off the beaten track that surprise, inspire or maybe even entertain us all.

This website was initiated by Jan Schmiedgen and Christian Rudolph, both entrepreneurs and consultants on the search for value creation and preservation in the circular economy and beyond.

Due to other projects this site is no longer active.

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